Elisabeth Bouynot

Upside down pineapple cake

Oldie but goodie. I remember my gran making this back in France, so it is truly international. Here, I use the BBC Website recipe, and it hasn’t failed me yet…

Lemonade cake

This is recipe by starred chef Sally AbĂ©, published on the website Great British Chefs. It is lemon sponge, soaked with a concentrated lemonade syrup, then assembled and covered with a lemon and sherbet buttercream, and decorated with candied lemon slices. How’s that for a… Read More »Lemonade cake


I baked this one for the wedding of a colleague a few years ago – choux puffs filled with rich vanilla custard, stuck together with caramel, and assembled with a lot of nougatine.

Galette des rois

In France, we celebrate (i.e. eat cake) for Kings’ day, or Epiphany, 6th of January. Usually, one large cake contains a token, and the winner becomes ‘king’ for the day. The preferred cake in most of the country is the galette des rois, a puff… Read More »Galette des rois