Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been paying attention to how I photographed my bakes. My photos are not just a proof of what I’ve done anymore. So goodbye trusty blue cake carrier, hello pretty plates!

Chilli chocolate mousse cake
Coriander chicken parcels

Romsey is blessed with a number of charity shops – including one downstairs from my home. I generally do the rounds once a week to see if anything interesting has come in. By interesting, I mean both elegant and colourful, as I already have a range of plain white or off-white plates.

I also made an effort with lighting: I try to take all the new pictures in natural light. In my kitchen, that means by the sink.


Even on rather dreary days like today, the natural light from that western window is enough to make anything shine. I innovated this morning by hanging a white pillowcase from the cabinet on the left for reflection.

Last point, the background: the fake granite counter-tops in the kitchen are not horrendous, but far from elegant. So I vary according to the bake, the plate, etc.

Rhubarb and star anise profiteroles
Rosemary focaccie

My favourite tea towels go well for bread, for instance. I also like to use my heirloom chopping board (I nabbed it from my parents’ kitchen when I moved out, so I can guarantee authentic French provincial provenance). I also have a number of actual tablecloths and napkins that I can use. In some cases, I even resort to scarves, if the pattern complement the plate. Lastly, I also walked into a fabric shop and came out with half a dozen or so pieces of fabric of various colours.

Poppyseed breadsticks
Sesame breadsticks
Rye sourdough and caraway breadsticks