Recipe hunt

This Saturday, when I arrived to buy a few goodies from Luc on Latimer Street, he was talking to a gentleman who was looking for a specific type of walnut biscuits he’d found in Sarlat, in the Dordogne. As he described it, they had the consistency of normal biscuits, but the ingredients were walnuts, sugar and egg whites.

These didn’t ring a bell for Luc or Myself, but neither of us are from the Périgord. I handed the gentleman one of my cards and told him to call me this week.

So I went searching in my books, recipe archives and, most of all, on the Internet. First, I discovered that this specific type of biscuits was named “Croquants aux noix” – walnut crunch. But most recipes I found also contained flour.

Finally, I found the recipe I was looking for in this blog: La Cuisine de Justine. Being multilingual is useful.

In short, it’s 2/3 finely ground walnuts and 1/3 sugar, plus a dash of egg whites to bind the mass together. I rolled the dough out between layers of cling film, cut it out with a cookie cutter, and stamped “Ker Goz” on them, just because I got that cookie stamp kit recently…

Croquants aux noix, before baking

50 minutes in a low oven (about 120°C fan), and I indeed got crunchy biscuits that tasted of walnut and nothing else.

Croquants aux noix (walnut biscuits)

I packaged that first batch and they are now up for sale at Luc’s. Just 3 packets – I’ll make more, but hurry if you want the first taste!