Money makers

Not long ago, there was a wine tasting @LucFineFoods and I decided to make Simon Hopkinson’s Parmesan biscuits. These have the usual advantage of being egg-free (if you skip the final glaze), and they pack a fantastic amount of taste.

Since then, these have been very much in demand both at home and at work (my day-job, that is).

My tweaks:
– For consistency, I have decided that the “pinch” of cayenne is a level 1/4 teaspoon.
– I don’t do the final glazing and sprinkling anymore.
– I make a double batch of dough, roll it up into a 5cm-thick cylinder and wrap it in cling film. I keep that in the coldest part of my fridge, and make slices as and when needed (at least twice a week, nowadays).
– Take out of the oven when the centre is still paler than the edges.


The batch of gougères I baked this past Friday to give out as samples at a wine tasting at Luc’s was not quite an unmitigated success.

The success part was in the eaters’ comments: all were apparently delighted, took business cards and all.

Less successful was the actuall bake. Maybe it was the muggy weather, maybe it was the recipe, from the usually irreproachable Simon Hopkinson, or maybe I should take the blame, since I used cheddar instead of gruyère or comté, but they went flat. Biscuit flat. Golden and tasty, but flat.

I didn’t take any pictures, as they weren’t really a good advertisement for my skills… But that means I’ll have to bake more to get the recipe right. I’m not letting a few dollops of choux pastry get the best of me!