I was put in charge of quiche baking at home when I was 12 or so, after I mastered omelette. It’s so much part of normal cooking to me that I never think to take pictures, unless I’ve made something “special”.

Thai green curry chicken and aubergine tarts
Curry onion tarts
Full English tarts, with bacon, sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes

I have a number of savoury tart recipes in store – with or without meat, some also egg-free. I always make the pastry myself – all butter, of course. If I have a surplus of puff pastry (yes, I make my own as well), I’ll use that.

In the case of those Coriander chicken parcels, I made the puff pastry for the recipe:

Coriander Chicken Parcels
Spiced paneer pie

I also make good old British-style pies.

I started making pork pies long before I came to Britain, but according to my (day-job) boss, my crowning glory are my chicken curry pies (actually, Chetna Makan‘s Degi Mirch Pie adapted to small, single servings). I also recently made individual pies out of Tom Kerridge’s Ham and mushroom pie recipe. In a more French fashion, I made individual “tourtes bourguignonnes” out of leftover beef Burgundy. I still have a couple of those in the freezer, they do great for the days when I don’t have time to prepare lunch for work.