About Ker Goz

Ker Goz

It all began there

Ker Goz, in Breton, means “the old house”. It was the name of my grandparent’s house, where I first learnt to bake.

I love to bake, and often made cake and bread for my colleagues (by day, I’m a mild-mannered technical translator at an IT company).

I now sell all kinds of bakes to those colleagues and various other clients.


I bake for flavour, and I chose my ingredients with that in view. I use mostly cultured butter and golden caster sugar, no artificial flavouring (unless the client wants something really out there), and not much decoration.

I like to try surprising flavour combinations, but I’m just as likely to bake a traditional cake to a traditional recipe, whether it’s British, French or wherever my baking fancy takes me.

This is also true for my more savoury bakes, such as crackers, breads, quiches, tarts or pies.

If you’ve never tried this Lemon Bundt, you’ve missed out!

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