There is a thin line between bread and croissant dough. Actually, many thin lines, many thin layers of buttery goodness…

France has a deep tradition of viennoiserie. The top quality is not so easily found in this country and, let’s face it, I liked the challenge of making my own croissants, chocolatines (or pains au chocolat) and pains au raisin.

Miniature croissants

Danishes have, we’re told, a similar viennese ancestry. They have fewer layers, but still rely on lamination to bring flakiness.

When you bake croissant dough in muffin tins, it becomes a “cruffin”. They can be savoury or sweet, but should always be delicious.

Savoury lemon and thyme cruffins
Sweet lemon cruffins

And then there’s this thing. Kouign aman – “butter cake” in Breton. I love it so much I almost never make it… but it’s what I chose as the background picture for this site. It can be made in small portions, in one big cake, or in various configurations as the one I made there:

Kouign Aman
Kouign Aman – for the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club