Orange, cinnamon and pistachio cake

Cakes are love.

Banana cupcake, salted caramel cream cheese icing

I’ve worked my way through the classics of both British and Fench baking, and will be happy to do so again for you. From lemon drizzle to opéra, from sticky toffee to black forest, from Victoria sandwich to gâteau Saint-Honoré.

For instance, by order of increasing height:

Peanut brownies
Gooey orange brownies
Gooey orange brownies
Terrible picture of carrot-and-banana cakes
Lemon and star anise chocolate mousse cake

Lemon drizzle cake

Lime and black sesame drizzle cake
Orange marmalade Battenberg cake
Simnel cake

This started as an exercise to reduce leftovers. It ended up as a delightful bite to go with a midmorning cup of tea.

Egg-white sponge cake with chocolate glaze and citrus peel
Soured cream and lemon bundt cake
Pistachio, white chocolate and cardamom cake

I love coffee buttercream icing far too much. That’s why I was quite happy to volunteer baking this for a local charity café. I’m of the Italian meringue buttercream persuasion: more butter than sugar.

Walnut and coffee cake

Mango mousse cake

Sherbety tangy lemon cake (3 layers)
Sherbety tangy lemon cake (3 layers)
Chilli chocolate mousse cake
Lemon and raspberry showstopper Victoria sandwich

Now that last one, from Chetna Makan’s The Cardamom Trail, was so perilously high and full that we ended up splitting it in two to cut it.