I enjoy making bread. Breads and yeasted doughs are infinitely variable: plain, sweet or savoury, flat, elongated or rounded, simple or laminated…

I bake breadsticks that are on sale at Luc Fine Foods on Fridays and Saturdays. I vary the flavours from week to week, but here’s a few:

Roast garlic and nigella breadsticks
Rye and sea salt sourdough breadsticks
Poppyseed breadsticks
Sesame breadsticks
Rye sourdough and caraway breadsticks

I also like to make foccacias, from plain sea salt and rosemary to more varied and elaborate.

Rosemary focaccie
Sage, pesto and olive, and rosemary focaccie
Onion, pine nuts and nigella buns

On the sweet side, I like brioches well enough, but some people have very good ideas. Look at those Swedish beauties: cardamom-flavoured brioche buns, stuffed with marzipan and whipped cream.


If you want something special, just ask: I’ll do my best. To please colleagues or housemates, I’ve baked yeasted specialties from Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden – and of course, France.

Gâteau des rois