I enjoy making bread. Breads and yeasted doughs are infinitely variable: plain, sweet or savoury, flat, elongated or rounded, simple or laminated…

I sometimes bake breadsticks. I vary the flavours, but here’s a few:

Roast garlic and nigella breadsticks
Rye and sea salt sourdough breadsticks
Poppyseed breadsticks
Sesame breadsticks
Rye sourdough and caraway breadsticks

I also like to bake foccacias weekly, for my day-job colleagues, from plain sea salt and rosemary to more varied and elaborate.

Rosemary focaccie
Sage, pesto and olive, and rosemary focaccie
Onion, pine nuts and nigella buns

Occasionally, I bake gluten-free bread for some colleagues – never the same thing exactly, but I’m told they do the trick for those who can’t have wheat anymore.

Gluten-free focaccia and baguettes

On the sweet side, I like brioches well enough, but some people have very good ideas. Look at those Swedish beauties: cardamom-flavoured brioche buns, stuffed with marzipan and whipped cream.


If you want something special, just ask: I’ll do my best. To please colleagues or housemates, I’ve baked yeasted specialties from Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden – and of course, France.

Gâteau des rois