Sweet biscuits

Peanut crisps

Those biccies, from an American recipe, are totally addictive. I’ve often been asked to make them again. They’ll make you forget about chocolate chip.

Another American recipe from my longtime friend Jean Johnson: these snickerdoodles are delicately flavoured with cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.


Chocolate and pistachio cookiesThese are chocolate chip for grown-ups. The dark demerara sugar gives them an almost liquorice taste, and the spices (cinnamon and clove) are also a surprise. This is another recipe by Chetna Makan.

OK, sometimes I get a bit overboard.

Packaged biscuits

This recipe I had to hunt for on the internets. The result is very tasty for such a simple recipe – just walnuts and sugar, and enough egg white to bind them together.

Croquants aux noix (walnut biscuits)

Langues de chat (Cat’s tongues) are simple but delicious little French biscuits, redolent with butter and vanilla. They’re great with a cup of coffee, with ice cream, or just like that.

Langues de chat

Another traditional continental bake, these lovely lemon biscuits with a tender centre are delicious any time of the day. That’s the kind of recipes you find by chatting with like-minded people on Twitter…

Tender lemon biscuits
Massala chai baklavas
Massala chai baklavas
Sticky toffee flapjacks
Sticky toffee flapjacks
Nutmeg and coffee sandwich biscuits
Nutmeg and coffee sandwich biscuits
Date and oat biscuits
Nut and spice palmiers
Pine nut biscuits