Savoury biscuits

On the savoury side

A dear friend celebrated her birthday with a cheese and wine party. I brought some bread and a large batch of freshly baked fennel and poppyseed crackers:

Fennel and poppyseed crackers

I used the recipe from the BBC Good Food website. They were nice with cheese, but absolutely fantastic with the two fishy offerings (smoked trout pâté and smoked mackerel pâté).

These cheesy delights get their own blog post, they’re that good:

Parmesan shortbread biscuits

These are a personal creation I’m proud of – I think I’ve found the right blue cheese to make work. They’re crumbly, with a hint of bitterness, a touch of sweetness, and a good kick of white pepper. For a nutty balance in the flavour, I use walnuts, but I have also made them with part spelt-flour for a nut-allergic client.

Blue cheese, walnut and fig jam biscuits
Blue cheese, walnut and fig jam biscuits

Those seeded biscuits have a dark tinge hue due to the mix of black sesame, poppy seed and black onion seed (nigella) they contain. With a sprinkle of salt crystals on top, they’re the perfect nibble for your pre-dinner drinks.

Savoury seeded biscuits

You’ll usually find the cheese sablés, the blue cheese thins and the seeded shortbreads by the till at my friend Luc’s shop, Luc Fine Foods, in Romsey (Hants).