About Ker Goz

Hello, my name is Elisabeth and I’m a compulsive baker.

Ker Goz, where I learned to bake

That’s where you, dear reader, come in. I need an outlet for all those goodies. I like baking new things, I like baking for people who enjoy. That’s why I created Ker Goz, a small home-baking business. My aim is to sell cakes, pies, gâteaux and so on to the discerning people of Hampshire (and possibly beyond)

I do have a full-time day job, but this hobby has been taking a life of its own…

Oh, yes, another confession: I’m French. “Ker Goz” is the name of the house in southern Brittany where my gran taught me the rudiments of baking.

Ker Goz is the house on the left

Since then, I’ve learnt to enjoy baking specialties from many countries, and am looking forward to widening my repertory even further.