I changed my mind

When you make custard tarts, life gives you egg whites, so this morning, I was planning on baking a few trays of langues de chat. But there was so much batter, and more importantly, the batter was so light and fluffy, I decided to bake it as a cake instead. We’ll call it “egg white sponge cake”, shall we?

Once out of the tin, it looked quite good.

Egg white sponge cake

Going on with the theme of “using up leftovers from previous bakes”, I’ve doused it with chocolate sauce and sprinkled it with candied peel.

Egg-white sponge cake with chocolate glaze and citrus peel

I took this to work, just because my colleagues are Luuuurvely people!

I had a slice as second breakfast (yes, if first breakfast is when you get up at 5 am to bake, there is such a thing as second breakfast). As you would expect with all the egg whites, it is somewhere between a classic Victoria sponge an angel food cake, and absolutely delicious.


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