Baking for Luc

For those of you in Romsey or thereabouts, I can’t recommend enough visiting Luc’s shop on Latimer street. He sells top quality cheeses and cold cuts from France and Italy, mostly, as well as wine and a number of gourmet foodstuffs.

On Friday mornings, I supply Luc with fresh baked goods. This morning’s efforts:

Rye sourdough and caraway breadsticks
Rosemary focaccie
Sesame breadsticks

Drizzle day

I’ve been in the mood for a bit of tang lately. Before I started on my weekly bake for my colleagues, I had a list of 6 different citrus drizzle cakes I wanted to make, or make again. I only made two, because that’s reasonable. The rest will have to wait…

Lemon drizzle cake

This classic lemon drizzle, out of Felicity Cloake’s recipe  for “the perfect lemon drizzle cake” in The Guardian, always hits the spot. The only down point this time was that the lemon juice didn’t permeate all the way through. Note to self for next time: more lemon juice!


Lime and black sesame drizzle cake

This Cardamom Trail recipe contrasts roasted sesame and the tang of citrus. Since the cake itself only has the more mellow perfume of orange, I found that it could use an initial drizzle of pure lime juice before the glaze. But as I said, I’m in the mood for tang…

Good advice

I really like Delicious. magazine. It’s an excellent source of recipes and ideas.

I just came across this list of baking advice on their website:

I agree with almost every single one of them. My only niggle is with #4: I often use lightly salted butter instead of unsalted – learning to bake in Brittany does that to you 🙂

The Cardamom Trail project

Faithful viewers of the Great British Bake Off will probably remember Chetna Makan, “the queen of spice”. Her book, The Cardamom Trail, is full of mouthwatering recipes, very often twists on classic British bakes.

I’ve been baking my way through that book, slowly but surely. You’ll find pictures of most of my bakes on Twitter: just look for the hashtag #CardamomTrailProject.

I forgot to take pictures in a few cases. In a few others… my colleagues had devoured everything before I even got there with a camera.