It’s a pity

I find it a pity that British eaters don’t give custard tarts the regard they deserve.

A good custard tart is a pure delight. Crisp casing, silky filling, just sweet enough…

And yet, yesterday, my colleagues took it for granted. It is so school lunch-y or pud-after-Sunday-roast-y that they ate the whole 12″ tart quickly, but without outward comment or enthusiasm?

Custard tart with nutmeg

For me, the predominant taste of nutmeg in a dessert is still very alien and surprising. I loved this tart, but the aftertaste of nutmeg put me squarely in mash and gratin dauphinois territory. Strange, I tell you. Delicious, but strange.

I used Marcus Wareing’s recipe, the one he cooked for the Queen on her 90th birthday, albeit in a much flatter format. Having now bought tart rings, I’m going to attempt the higher shape that seems to be appreciated here.

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