That’s a very ugly name, supposed to describe a hybrid of croissant and muffin.

It started when I came across this recipe on a French blog: Petits pains au thym et au citron. The idea of a dough laminated with butter, but also carrying the pungent aroma of preserved lemon, sounded very interesting.

I’m partial to savoury bakes, I think they don’t get enough recognition: sweet is the easy way to most people’s heart, savoury needs to be smarter, more interesting.

But I also know my coworkers, who would be eating my bakes, would mostly want something sweet. So I made both.

For the savoury version, I used the recipe above.

For the sweet version, I started with Richard Bertinet’s croissant recipe, as found in Delicious. Magazine. I had tried it earlier this year and found it gave excellent results. In the last turn of lamination, I sprinkled in some golden caster sugar and finely grated lemon zest.

Once the dough rolled out and cut into strips, I sprinkled it with more sugar and dotted it with mixed peel. I then rolled each strip and put it into a muffin tin. Another sprinkle of sugar and mixed peel on top.

And into the oven they went (180° fan) for… er, until they looked done.

Sweet lemon cruffins, baked

What do you think? And yes, they tasted just as good. And they’re all gone.


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